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The positive or negative characteristics of water are called the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) because of their ability to promote or neutralize free radicals in the body. Acid and alkaline are always at war within us and, because we constantly overload our systems with acid food and drinks (the H+ positive hydrogen ions) – acid usually wins and our bodies become acidic over time (read cancer). Conversely, if we concentrate on eating foods and drinking water with negative hydroxyl ions (OH-), we increase the negative charge or negative Oxidation Reduction Potential. These OH- ions then bind to the H+ (acidic) ions to neutralize the free radicals that cause the “rusting” or “rotting” of the human internal terrain.

Increasing alkalinity decreases oxidation
The effects of free radicals or oxidation of the cells can be better described as hepatitis, cirrhosis and cancer in the liver; pancreatitis, diabetes and cancer in the pancreas; and nephritis, nephrosis and cancer in the kidneys. While all are bad, do you see the common denominator to all of these? Yes, it’s cancer.

So ionized water increases our alkalinity and uses its negative oxidation reduction potential (ORP) to neutralize free radicals. There is one more important aspect that can be attributed to negatively charged, reduced water – low microclustering of the water molecules. This is a hot topic. There seems to be somewhat of a split school of thought within the scientific community on this subject. Many researchers believe that water is dynamic and can have no stable, low microcluster capability. An equal number believe the opposite and offer proof through studies using nuclear magnetic resonance testing that show that the electrolysis process reduces clustering of water molecules from 10-20 (or more) per cluster for regular tap water down to 5-6 for ionized water. This process reduces the surface tension of the water and allows for solubility and cell permeability.







































..Because of its low microclustering character – you can literally jump on a trampoline 5 minutes after consuming an equal amount of ionized water and feel no discomfort. And that’s because it has already been transported out of the stomach and is working its way into the cells. And I’ve heard that exact story from many who have tried it. There’s the empirical or “life” (not clinical) evidence. Because of its low microclustering capability, its strong alkalinity and, most importantly, the low negative ORP and free radical scavenging capability, I believe that ionized water is a mandatory, baseline “treatment” for those with cancer.























About distilled and reverse osmosis water.
Sure, it’s pure. But at what cost? Water without minerals will scavenge them from your bones and everywhere else in your body as it moves through you. Water has an inherent need for minerals and, if it doesn’t have them, it will go find and take them. The stream running down the mountain picks up minerals from the rocks, earth and sand that it travels over. Don’t let it happen to you. Bag the distilled and RO water, the tap water, and bottled water, as well. Almost all water that is sold in a plastic container is acid and was bottled, on average, three years prior to your purchase! Gee, I wonder where it’s been? Since your body is over 70% water, doesn’t it make sense to put the best water possible into it?

























Listen to what some of the experts say about alkaline, ionized water, and their reasons for why you should drink it

Dr. Ray Kurzweil and Dr. Terry Grossman, authors of “Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever” state that:
“Consuming the right type of water is vital to detoxifying the body’s acidic waste products and is one of the most powerful health treatments available. We recommend that you drink 8-10 glasses per day of this alkaline water. It is one of the simplest and most powerful things that you can do to combat a wide range of disease processes.”

The author of “The pH Miracle”, Dr. Robert Young, says that :
“To maintain or restore your body’s natural pH balance for optimal health, drink restructured, ionized water which is rich in anti-oxidants and alkaline minerals. Ionized water helps reverse the effects of acid accumulation in the body, the root cause of degenerative diseases and aging.”

Dr. Gabriel Cousens, author of “Conscious Eating” says it simply:
“Water ionization could be one of the most important health breakthroughs in our era.”

“Alkaline water produced by a water ionizer has become the most important advancement in health care since Sir Alexander Fleming’s discovery of penicillin.” This quote (and a stunning one, at that) was voiced by “Cancer Cure” author, Dr. William Kelly.

Dr. Theodore Baroody, D.C., N.D., Ph.D. Nutrition, and author of “Alkalize or Die”, provides his opinion on this elixir of life:
“After years of very positive continuous clinical experiments that I am conducting with hundreds of clients using electronically restructured, alkaline water, it is my opinion that this technology will change the way in which all health providers and the public will approach their health in the coming years. My suggestion is to drink restructured, alkaline water whenever possible.”

The following statements all came from the detoxifynow.com website:
"Ionized water has millions of hydroxyl ions per glass. No other water has this incredible benefit. Hydroxyl ions ‘neutralize’ cancer causing and destructive free radicals in the body.”

“Ionized water is thousands of times more healthful to your body than any other water. And the proof ‘is in the pudding’ so to speak. Everyone who drinks ionized water, either in its natural state as glacier milk, or from a properly built and functioning water ionizer, lives in a state of health light years beyond those that don’t.”

“One glass of Ionized water can hydrate your body better than gallons of any other water.”

“Ionized water alkalizes your body better than the only other method (eating a 100% organic and raw vegetarian diet).”

“Cancer, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, kidney/renal disease, cardio-vascular disease, ad infinitum, are all slowed, stopped, and in most circumstances reversed when drinking ionized water.”

“Ionized water can flush toxins and poisons out of your body better and with considerably less negative effects than any other detox program/protocol.”




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